Voyages of Discovery: Information for Presenters

How the day will run:


The format is lecture-style; slides and other audio-visual tools are not only allowed but expressly encouraged.  A question-and-answer period will be part of each presentation slot, but this is not intended as a setting for roundtables or hands-on teaching.


Presentations will begin at 11 and run until 5:30 – there will be a break from 12:30-1:30 for lunch.

There are currently three tracks, with 21 presenters in half-hour or hour-long slots.

If you are planning to use slides or any other electronic resource (such as mp3s), please submit them to our presentation coordinator, Lucien de Pontivy (mheskridge@gmail.com) by October 17, so that your materials can be loaded onto the presentation computers. (If you are using any format besides PowerPoint, PDF, or mp3, please send earlier, in case we need to make special arrangements.) Early submission will allow us to spend as much time as possible during the day concentrating on the presentations themselves, rather than juggling files, and will be a courtesy to your fellow presenters and your eager audience of fellow-learners.

There will be a prominently-placed timepiece and tech-wrangler working double-duty as timekeeper; please be respectful of your fellow-presenters and be mindful of your duration.

Paper Schedule

We will be compiling a program booklet in the week before the conference; please send us your final title and a description of your presentation by October 10 so that we will have time to do so.


We are planning to publish proceedings of this conference on the web; when you submit your final description, please do let us know if you would be willing to have your materials posted. Presentation slides are most welcome; if you would like to write up additional information, please do! We will be happy to post it.


For new presenters: we are compiling a list of volunteers who have agreed to offer advice and assistance on how to give a good presentation, how to prepare a poster, and other relevant technical skills. If you are interested in these resources – or *being* one of these resources – please let me know.

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