Coronation of Edward III and Thyra II

“The prophecy was incomplete…”

I. Last Court


Business as usual. At a certain point, court is interrupted by the Sybils.

MUSIC: TWO SIBYLS ENTER (one SILENT, carrying a sheaf of paper)

SIBYLS: Brennanus Augustus, Nobilissimus et Invictus – attend and pay heed to the mysteries, to that which is given to mortal men to comprehend in part but never in full. Your rule, and that of Your Empress, began in glory and has continued in sublime majesty, as is fitting for the fulfillment of prophecy.

And yet… the always-infallible oracles tell us now that the prophecy was incomplete.

No, seriously, there was a piece of papyrus stuck to the back. [SILENT SIBYL holds it up]

Knowing the tender love Your Imperial Majesties bear for Your realm, we know that You will receive the full weight of the completed prophecy with humility and grace – for it states that Your realm, which You love so dearly, must pass immediately from Your Imperial care, else it will cease to grow and flourish.

BRENNAN: Even the Imperium must heed the words of the Oracle, and that which is written in the stars. My Empress, We must set aside Our crowns.

[Business continues.]


Last item: HRM Caoilfhionn dismisses her Guard.

Brigantia calls TRH Edward and Thyra

Edward and Thyra process to the dais, dressed in silver & gold undergarments, escorted by their household.

Twelve PERIAKTOI BEARERS carry the zodiacal signs down the side aisles, taking positions along the aisles.

Two RELIC BEARERS conclude the procession, carrying the ampulla and the reliquary to the dais.


HERALD: As is written among the celestial spheres, now comes Prince Edward Grey, Star of Tir Mara, the Comet whose Trail illumines the heavens, the Eastern Storm whose Lightning and Thunder reduce his foes to wailing children. Now comes Princess Thyra Eriksdottir, twin Star of Tir Mara, the prime Constellation of Eastern Virtues, the Daystar Whose gracious light illumines and makes flourishing all whom She regards.

II. Coronation

BRENNAN: [In his own words, acceding to the will of the mysteries and the clear rightness of Edward’s claim as seen in the oracles and attended by the stars.]

HRM Brennan de-crowns Caoilfhionn

1. Brennan crowns Edward

[using his own words]

2. Edward crowns Thyra

[using his own words]

EDWARD: It is with honor and gratitude that we served these crowns. It is with honor and gratitude that we inherit these crowns.

THYRA: May we serve these offices, and the Kingdom, with as much grace as you have, Sir Brennan and Baroness Caoilfhionn.


3. Robing

As the robing begins, accompanied by music, a READER reads the zodiacal prophecies. Periaktoi-bearers process from the side aisles to the CENTER aisle, then up the aisle to the narthex. The couplet readings augment the Reading of the Stars made by their astrologers and prove Edward and Thyra’s appropriateness as the new King and Queen.


TAURUS: Broad-shouldered Bull wears Springtime’s crown of green / And with swift sword asserts a heir’s true claim.

GEMINI: Bright Twins bestow their favor with a dance / A princess, light of foot, partners Her prince.

CANCER: Fierce Crab bestirs the martial heart to Wars / With bow and shield Their Highnesses lead forth.

LEO: High Summer flames around the Lion’s mane / And shines on Eastrealm’s heirs his benison.

VIRGO: The Virgin lends her wisdom to the crowns / Cool reason shines upon their rightful path.

LIBRA: The Scales of justice tilt and sway until / The stars align and make clear Who must rule.

SCORPIO: As armored Scorpion displays its might / The harvest of Your lands lays up rich store.

SAGITTARIUS: When Archer’s arrows fly at Winter’s edge / Your forests yield fat comfort for the cold.

CAPRICORN: The stalwart Goat stands fast against the dark / As Your bright Sun beats back the longest nights.

AQUARIUS: Amphorae in the Water-Bearer’s hands / Pour wine that celebrates Your reign’s great joys.

PISCES: As bright-scaled Fish illumine all the seas / Your Kingdom gleams with artisans and crafts.

ARIES: The Ram’s horns crown the Zodiac’s full turn / As You bring Your realm safe home to heirs’ strong hands.

The periaktoi-bearers are each clear. Robing concludes.

When the signs and the robing are all concluded, two ASTROLOGERS enter, one bearing a large BOOK. MUSIC stops.

[the ASTROLOGERS ad lib many of their lines]

ASTROLOGER1: Your High… Your Maj… Your High… Your… um…

ASTROLOGER2: Most Esteemed, Gracious, Worshipful, Glorious…


ASTROLOGER2: …and FORGIVING Rulers of these Eastern Lands. We have come bearing glad and optimistic tidings. The end of the world, so narrowly avoided just a few years ago, may still be avoided again!

ASTROLOGER1: The reign of Brennan and Caoilfhionn was so fruitful that your royal coffers are overflowing, and your court was able to acquire better astrological equipment.

ASTROLOGER2: Our renewed reading of the stars is…

ASTROLOGER1: Very clear. The stars are very clear. Edward and Thyra, right inheritors of the Eastern Crowns, shall rule in glory and wisdom and benificence for 4000 and some…


ASTROLOGERS: Six months which shall be as six lifetimes of prosperity and progress, the purest distillation of your awesome majesty. Thus shall the end of the world be avoided.

EDWARD: Very good, very good. And yet… the previous, erroneous prediction caused much fuss and bother to us, and to our subjects. This breach must not go unremarked.

[Edward and Thyra mete their Terrible Justice™.]

4. Ordo / Oaths

Edward: Having heard the interpretation of the prophecy and the stars, now, in full confidence, may we take these oaths.

A. Their Highnesses

Edward comes forward and kneels.

Bearers bring reliquary and ampulla to Herald. Herald presents reliquary to Edward, Ampulla to Thyra.

HERALD: Edward, as you hold in your hands this Relic of earth from the lists of the First Tournament, are you willing to take the Oath that you will serve as chiefest defender of the realm and highest executor of its laws and protector of its ancient customs, and will serve as the first defenders of the ideals of honor and chivalry?

EDWARD: I am willing.

HERALD: Thyra, as you hold in your hands this ampulla of water from the Bay of the Mistlands, whereat the World was born, are you willing to take the Oath, that you will, also, defend and protect the laws and ancient customs of the realm, and serve as chiefest patron of the arts and highest example of grace and courtesy?

THYRA: I am willing.

HERALD: Your Highnesses, will you grant, keep, and confirm the laws and customs, rights and franchises, to the people of this realm which were granted by the kings and queens of the East your lawful predecessors; will you keep peace and goodly agreement entirely according to your power, to the peers, the baronage, and the people, and will you cause law and justice and discretion in mercy and truth to be executed in all your judgements?

EDWARD: I will do so, and all the things I have promised I shall perform and keep.

THYRA: I will do so, and all the things I have promised I shall perform and keep.

The HERALD returns the reliquary and the ampulla to their BEARERS. Both bearers leave the stage.

B. Greater Officers

HERALD (NOT BRIGANTIA): Let the most honored Greater Officers of the East now stand: [the Kingdom Seneschal, the Brigantia Principal Herald, the Earl Marshal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Chronicler, the Minister of Arts and Sciences, the Kingdom Chirurgeon, the Tyger Clerk of the Signet, the Kingdom Chatelaine, the Chancellor Minor, and the Kingdom Webminister.]

Let them affirm that they will continue to perform their duties diligently and will honorably execute the lawful commands of the Crown of the East, as they have heretofore done.

[In unison]: We will!

C. Champions

HERALD: Let their Majesties’ right faithful Champions now rise. Honored Lords and Ladies, will you likewise so affirm this oath?

[In unison]: We will!

D. Runnymede

HERALD: Let the most loyal Landed Barons and Baronesses of the East now rise, and affirm that they will continue to perform their duties diligently and will honorably execute the lawful commands of the Crown of the East, as they have heretofore done.

Your Excellencies, will you so promise? RESPONSE: we will.

E. Edward & Thyra address the Populace [in their own words].

Brigantia calls Sir Brennan and Baroness Caoilfhionn.


TRM award Caiolfhionn her Rose and Brennan and Caoilfhionn their Counties.


Exeunt omnes.

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