Conjunctim Regnant

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November 13, ©2010 Myra Hope Eskridge

Rubores terrae super collibus florent = HER BLUSHES BLOOM UPON THE HILLS
Valles virides agnos novos fovent = HER GREEN VALLEYS CRADLE NEW LAMBS
Fasces aureas super agros nutrit = WHEAT SHEAVES OVER THE FIELDS SHE SPREADS
Manus mites in fulveum pallium ponit = HE LAYS GENTLE HANDS ON HER GOLDEN COVERLET

In epulis et festibus illa ridet et subridet = IN FEASTS AND FESTIVALS SHE SMILES AND LAUGHS
Secura solatur sub ense scutoque servantibus = SAFE, SHE IS COMFORTED UNDER HIS PROTECTING SWORD AND SHIELD
Tectum arborum trans atrium tollunt manus mites = HE RAISES AN ARCH OF TREELIMBS WITH GENTLE HANDS
Quom adamantes noctis amiculum nigrum spargunt = WHEN NIGHT’S DIAMONDS SPANGLE HIS BLACK MANTLE

Conjunctim regnant, Dominus et Terra = TOGETHER THEY REIGN, THE LORD AND THE LAND
Aurora rosea tarda pallam solis munerat = IN THE SLOW ROSE MORNING HE GIFTS HER WITH SUNLIGHT
Diu post meridiem eam saltantem cantat = IN THE LONG AFTERNOON HE SINGS HER TO DANCING
In vespere argenteo ambulat = IN THE SILVERING EVENING HE WALKS

Dominus et Terra = THE LORD AND THE LAND

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