Aildreda de Tamwurthe, called Dreda, is the mistress of a small household near the town of Tamwurthe, in the midlands of England. She is fortunate that the interest in English wool is ever on the increase; it makes up for how generally vexing it is to keep many sheep, for they are very stupid creatures. Her little estate is almost too large for a widow to handle, but she manages, and there still seems always to be time for singing, especially in the company of a very pretty young man from Brittany.

She had thought, rather romantically, of being an anchoress in her youth, but then someone quoted her a somewhat larger section of the Ancrene Wisse and she decided that sheep were probably a better bet.

She divides her time between her home and the courts of the Kingdom of the East; in the latter, she can often be found singing, bestowing order, or teaching classes about various ephemera that strike her magpie fancy.

Her page on the East Kingdom Wiki may be found here.

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