Songs by Other People

Songs we perform, together or individually, which were written by other people

Dreda and Lucien frequently sing together; many of the works in their repertoire are “period SCA”, or written in pre-1650 Europe. Others are modern works in period or folk styles. Works under copyright are not reproduced here, but referenced on their own pages.

The Hern (trad., transcribed from an arrangement by John Fleagle) lyrics | MP3 | sheet music
My Lagann Love (trad.)
O Viridissima Virga (Hildegard von Bingen)
One Morning in May (trad.)
Sia Laudato San Francesco (trad., adapted from an arrangement by Erik Ask-Upmark)
Trees They Do Grow High (John Renbourn)
Traveller’s Prayer (John Renbourn)

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