Coronation of Kenric II and Avelina II

Ceremony Music

As music takes shape, I will add it here for reference.

This is a living plan, and these notes are in draft as the music gets written and pending approval by Their Highnesses. The shape of the ceremony, as always, is likely to change up until the moment it takes place. Hang on for the ride. 🙂

Procession of Their Majesties, Gregor and Kiena

* Semper Tigris

Semper tigris, omnipotens
Semper tigris, supremus

Procession of Their Highnesses, Kenric and Avelina

* Cyne-weorc

an Old English retelling of Kenric’s crownwinning

* Waltant Lango

a welcome to the new King and Queen, in Old High Saxon
sheet music | [MP3 TBD]


* Firmetur

during the ceremony, the assembled voices will sing Firmetur as the artifacts and oathmakers come forward

sheet music | MP3

sheet music | MP3



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