Laurels’ Prize Tourney


The Barony of Carolingia is delighted to present a Laurels Prize Tourney – a day where challenges are met, knowledge is shared, and great fun is had! Please join us at the First Parish Unitarian-Universalist of Medfield, MA on March 25, 2017.

Answers to the Laurel Challenges will be on display throughout the day; performance challenges will be answered after lunch, and all are welcome to make up the audience. At midday, a delicious dayboard will be available. [Please note: we have had a wonderful and enthusiastic response to the Laurel Challenges – so much so that we have closed ALL CHALLENGES to further entrants, and we are no longer able to provide space for display to those who are not answering a challenge. We are very sorry, but are grateful to see such interest!]

Due to the need to schedule time and allocate space, we ask that challenge-answerers and those wishing to display their work let us know through this form. Pre-registering for the event is not also required, but is enormously appreciated.

** What is a Laurels Prize Tourney?

** What are the challenges?

** What are the practical details of the event?

Please see the East Kingdom event listing at the link directly above for:

  • Schedule for the day
  • Dayboard menu
  • Directions to the event
  • Event fees

** Who can I contact to find out more?


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