Voyages of Discovery: Information for Poster Session

For those who are interested in a poster display rather than a lecture, the same sorts of topics are equally appropriate. This is an opportunity to focus on your process even more than your product – tell us how you are approaching questions in a new way, how things have gone surprisingly wrong or right, what you have discovered that surprises you. If you are not familiar with how to approach a poster session, Colorado State has a very nice description.

How the day will run:


The idea behind a poster is that your project or research or conclusions should be comprehensible to someone reading your poster without you present. However, because a good poster will also evoke further questions from an interested reader, we are setting aside an hour during the middle of the day for all posters to be attended; here is your opportunity to expound even further!

We will be providing space for your poster – we can accomodate both posters that stick on the wall (we can use Stay-Tac, according to the site’s rules), and also free-standing trifolds and collections of books. Please let us know by October 12 whether you will need wall space, table space, or both.

Poster Listings

We will be compiling a program booklet in the week before the conference; please send us your final title and a description of your poster by October 12 so that we will have time to do so.


We are excited to be able to offer a web presence for your poster materials if you would like to make them available online after the conference. We will for certain have space on the conference website for PDF copies of slides, papers, and any other materials you would like to post under the auspices of Voyages of Discovery.


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