Campfire Songs – Chapbook

NB: like many traditional songs, the tunes in these links are often more like guidelines than absolutes. Embrace your version!

All Around My Hat
Ar Hyd y Nos
Bogey’s Bonnie Belle
Buain a Rainich (Fairy Love Song)
French Report, The
George Collins
Horn Call (Aye, the Welshman)
House Carpenter
I Live Not Where I Love
Indigo Night
Jolly Handmaid, The
Matty Groves
My Lagan Love
Northern Queen, The
Oak and Ash And Thorn
Queen Elinor’s Confession
River Ran Red, The
Song of Roland
Savage Daughter
Searching for Lambs
Trees They Do Grow High, The
Twa Corbies
Two Sisters
Who Will Speak For the Sheep?

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